Eco-smart landscaping

for a brighter future

For A Brighter Future…

Safe for kids and pets, and above all, kind to the environment. Together we can be the change we want to see!

Eco-smart landscaping services

Landscaping you can trust
We have many services that can help create solutions to provide a healthy lawn. As a result, you will have a vibrant landscape that you can enjoy for years to come. Above all, our services are kid and pet safe, leaving out any worry about chemical fertilizers. At Eco-Smart Landscaping we are here to help if you want to enhance your existing landscape, or even do a complete overhaul.


Our Organic Turf Care Program will keep your lawn nice and green, control grub damage, and reduce weeds over time. All without the use of chemicals, just our know-how and quality organic products being applied at the right time. We also offer a DIY option, giving you the tools and training to achieve success


Hardscapes are the walkways, walls, steps, driveways, patios and other hard surfaces necessary for a functional outdoor lifestyle. At Eco-Smart Landscaping, our hardscape features are beautiful, functional and constructed in ways that minimize their impact on the environment.


We make sure your property stays hydrated in a efficient way that is customized to your lawn.

Clean Ups

Thorough clean ups for an outstanding Spring and Fall are essential for success.

Safe Approach To Landscaping

As a result of our family dog becoming sick from eating fertilizer, we began looking for alternatives. Due to having three young boys who all love to roll around in the lawn, we needed to make a change. Because fertilizers are dangerous to our family’s health, we knew there was a better way. Making a change to an organic lawn not only feels great, but looks great as well!

Eco-smart landscaping

Who We Are
We formed Eco-Smart Landscaping when we couldn’t find any non-toxic options for ourselves. Due to a love for the outdoors and a passion for sustainability, it was an easy choice. As a result, we became the change we wanted to see, and above all, empower others to do the same.

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