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My love of the outdoors and my interest in protecting the environment for my growing family has pulled me in the direction of sustainable landscaping. A couple of years ago our dog got sick from what we believe was eating grass treated with chemical fertilizer. She is happy and healthy now, but it was quite the scare. Thinking about my young children playing in the yard with these chemicals all around made me nervous. This was the catalyst which led me to start researching non-toxic and sustainable landscaping options on a residential and then a commercial level. Recognizing that there was NO choice for a holistic environmentally friendly landscaping approach in New Hampshire; I decided to be the change I wanted to see.

Sean Tumblety, Founder of Eco-Smart Landscaping

Eco-smart landscaping TEAM


Founder & CEO
Sean is father of four and husband to a wonderful wife, who decided to be the change he wanted to see when Eco-Smart Landscaping was being founded. With a love for the outdoors and nature, and a passion for sustainability, founding this company was a match made in heaven. Extremely knowledgeable and on an environmental mission, his passion shows though his enthusiasm and exceptional customer service.


COO & Hardscape Guru
Brandon brings years of experience, but above all else he brings a positive attitude and passion for creating a brighter future for his growing family. Brandon has a wealth of experience in hardscapes and landscape design coupled with a passion for sustainable, Eco-friendly garden design, which makes him a great fit for the Eco-Smart company and for our customers.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable landscaping services without sacrificing quality and affordability. We only use organic, non-toxic, family and pet safe products. Customer satisfaction is essential to earning new customers and expanding the environmental benefits of Eco-Smart Landscaping to the community.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is the practice of utilizing strategic methods for both business and residential landscapes with the purpose of being beneficial to the environment, while also sustaining essential human function, health and well-being. Environmentally friendly methods are used for implementing a sustainable landscape as well as ensuring that it is ecologically maintained.

Organic and Safe Products

Going organic doesn’t mean you have to give up your lawn, and you also do not need to give up the rest of your life trying to tend to this new lawn. Planting will do well in your climate, watering deeply but infrequently, and avoiding the use of dangerous and expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our fertilizers and other products are naturally derived and safe for your family and pets.

Customer Satisfaction

At Eco-Smart Landscaping, we have a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. We try our best to develop lasting relationships with our customers by providing an unmatched quality of customer service and exceptional craftsmanship with each and every job. Don’t take our word for it either…read our reviews!

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