Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

Whether you are weeding, fertilizing or aerating, there’s plenty of work to do in the yard all spring, summer, fall — and in some areas of the country — winter. Here’s our year-round lawn maintenance schedule.

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Whacking Weeds

It may not be obvious that weeding has anything to do with seasons, save that it’s hard to dig them out when the soil’s frozen. But in fact, the way that plants (including weeds) grow means that they are particularly vulnerable in spring and fall.


If the problem is largely weeds that propagate by seed, such as dandelions or various grasses, spread corn gluten meal. Corn gluten is the only natural pre-emergent herbicide, meaning that it kills seeds, preventing plants from emerging from the soil. Obviously, this product can’t be combined with a fall re-seeding program! Since corn gluten contains 9% nitrogen, it covers your fall fertilizer needs as well.

Dig out as many perennial weed roots as you can, being careful to remove all root fragments, since bits as small as a centimeter in length can start entire plants in a number of species.


Everything you did in autumn can also be done in early spring, with the addition of hand-weeding. Many weeds are actually most vulnerable when their shoots are several inches long, so it’s not necessary to nip them in the bud. Waiting too long, however, gives them a chance to develop a major root system, which makes pulling them more difficult. For perennial plants, waiting until summer also gives the foliage a chance to begin storing energy in the roots. For dandelions and their ilk, this just means a bigger root to pull, but for plants with rhizomes or stolons, it means a bigger root system, and more shoots to dig out.

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