All About Eco-Smart Landscaping!

“My love of the outdoors and my interest in protecting the environment for my growing family has pulled me in the direction of sustainable landscaping. A couple of years ago our dog got sick from what we believe was eating grass treated with chemical fertilizer. She is happy and healthy now, but it was quite the scare. Thinking about my young children playing in the yard with these chemicals all around made me nervous. This was the catalyst which led me to start researching non-toxic and sustainable landscaping options on a residential and then a commercial level. Recognizing that there was NO choice for a holistic environmentally friendly landscaping approach in New Hampshire; I decided to be the change I wanted to see.”

Our Mission

To provide sustainable landscaping services without sacrificing quality and affordability. We only use organic, non-toxic, family and pet safe products. Customer satisfaction is essential to earning new customers and expanding the environmental benefits of Eco-Smart Landscaping to the community.

-Sean Tumblety, Founder Of Eco-Smart Landscaping

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